Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to Alaska

We started planning another Alaska trip (2nd in as many years) as soon as we got back.  The ecosystem and vast wilderness of Alaska will get in your blood from the first trip there.  That is what it did to Doc and I.  We had to go back and since we now have made it two years in a row, why stop now.  It is a wonderful place with wonderful creatures and people.  And I can think of no way better to break up the Texas heat than by making the long flight up there.

This year we planned to take on the Famous Kenai River on the Kenai Peninsula, about 2 hours southwest of Anchorage.  We got the rental car, hit Costco for grub and booze for the week and we were on.  Now I could bore you with lots of words on how the fishing was and this and that, but I will let the pictures tell the story. The Kenai.

The River.....Beautiful.

The creatures...Wonderful

And the Fishing....Unreal

And the Company.....Terrific

Thanks to our guides at Troutfitters and Alaska Clearwater, great job.  And thanks to Doc, JB and Al.

A Fantastic Trip.