Thursday, April 30, 2009

Broken Bow Blast

Lower Mountain Fork River below Broken Bow Reservoir

It was mid April and post winter trout fishing is in full swing. It had been a month or so since my last hook up and I was Jones ING!! Bad. My golf swing has been more on my mind but I needed a trout fix.

My new fishing bud Eric had mentioned that there was room in a cabin on a late weekend in April and I was in. Eric's friend Tom was with him and a truer gentlemen there is not. Tom introduced Eric to fly fishing about 7 years ago, ironically about the same time my friends Mark Cranmer and Tom Herrick had gotten me started. What a wild trip it has been?

When you trout jones in Texas, coldwater options are few, but the Lower Mountain Fork in SE Oklahoma is like going to Colorado, exept a little warmer. Here is a pic from the river.

The fishing was hot Saturday with many fish to the net. Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tails and especially soft hackles were ripping lips. Fishing was fun but dinner and cocktails were to follow.
Tom is a consummate story teller and in his 72 years, has many great tales of adult life that were captivating. A really super guy that I hope I fish with again soon. This was one of the victims on Saturday to a Red Copper John.

Sunday was a little slower but fished some new water, found some solitude and even figured out Zone II with Boogers and the dreaded Skulpzilla. Nothing big but the streamer tug is always a good one. I still have my truck but this trip I debuted the new rig:


This rig worked like a charm combined with 25 mpg and smooth on the highway, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Well another great trip that ended too soon. Will make this one again soon. Eric, thanks for the invite and cheers to you, Tom and the Fork.

Fish On!!