Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Journey to the South-Blue River OK

Well folks as many times that I have fished the Blue River, a day drive from the house, I have rarely crossed that gate in to the Southern Wilderness north of the campgrounds. After a afternoon recently in the C&R, I decided the next morning to hit the "new" area for me. I was pleasantly surprised at the diverse terrain to fish there. I found fish in the riffles but as is accustomed to the Blue, I found most of my fish there in the slack water and pools above and below the falls.

The trout were a willing bunch into lunchtime on a tandem midge rig with a tan pupa and red Merc Flash emerger as the flys of the am. The red color was the popular fly under an indicator early and as the morning progressed and mayflies hit the water, the Phesant Tail took over and the fish went nuts. As Barry and Charlie have recently posted, the terrain here is varied and you can find your own little piece of solitude.

All in all a very fun morning of hooking trout. I was looking for the big Mizzou's which I did not find in this area but the 10-12 inch fish that I landed were fun and full of spunk. I am a catch and release only guy, but a few of these fish would have been a perfect compliment to an omelette with breakfast. For those of you wanting to see some new terrain and looking to find a piece of your own water for a few hours, you cannot go wrong with this piece of the Blue.

Cheers and Good fishing everyone,


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Southern Tailwater in Texas

Guadulupe River, Sattler Tx.

I had the pleasure this week to return to the Guadalupe River in Sattler Texas, the southern most trout fishing tailwater in North America. This river yielded my first fish on a fly rod some six years ago. The addiction started there and has only grown. Had the chance to fish with a couple of friends Lance Murdock and Tom Herrick, one of the guys who got me rolling in fly fishing.

We were on the water early and had a hook up early. Boy the fish are broad shouldered and fat, some hold overs and some new stockers. The river is very low and the fish are holed up in pools and much like the Blue in OK, this river needs rain. Keep praying please!!

Fish were on the small stuff and broke out the San Juan Box and the Shucka Khan for the first fish of the day.

I covered a bunch of ground in the am at Pott's and really enjoyed the exploration. Sight fished to a couple of nice trout for fifty or so casts with no takes so I continued to move up and hook up. The river is low and clear and the Osprey are ready for any shallow water meals. Continued nymphing the tandem rig and the Shuck continued to produce.

I really enjoyed the return trip to the Guad. Anyone who has not tried to get there and fish it is a must. The GRTU chapter has done an excellent job of stocking the river in conjunction with Texas Parks and Wildlife. The flow arrangements they have forged with the Corp of Engineers has kept the water cool enough towards the dam to keep some holdover trout. With a little more water this spring, I would love to break out the Watermaster and float this bad boy.

Last pic for you was the Big Hooked Jaw Male I landed. Beautiful Fish, Beautiful Place.



Monday, January 5, 2009

Chilly Day on the Blue

Well the day was windy and chilly but we had the C&R area all to ourselves. I met my buddy Ryan and his dad John around 9 am for a day to fish our favorite area on the Blue. Wind was whipping and the fishing was tough. It took creativity and diving into all three of my boxes to find the ticket to catch these fish. Pablo's Shucka Khan emerger and Soft Hackles were the flies of the day. Both produced results and all the fish were the largest of the season. The fish seem to be eating well and the largest was pushing 17".

Ryan and did some exploring in the lower C&R area which is just some great streamer water. At the last falls it just looks like a perfect place to launch the Watermaster and I just may have to do that one of these days. Ryan located a crawdad (can you say smallmouth) that was pushing 6 inches long. Very impressive speciman, see below.

All in all, another interesting and enjoyable day on the river. My impression although we have had no rain that the river was up a little and the water was just stained enough that somehow more water had appeared in this area. Some of the sides of the falls where there was no trickle no had moving water. Who knows, Ryan and I both agreed on this.

Until next time.