Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Hole, Maddie and the Green

Well folks I am blessed.  I do a trip with 12-16 guys every June to Montana.  Great friends, guides and fishing.  This is the 3rd year for me and probably the best.  We mixed in the Green below Flaming Gorge this year for a 8 day fishing orgy in the West.

This always makes for a nice little reprieve as the Texas summer shows her mettle.  The Big Hole flow was up and weather in the upper 60's, perfect summer God's Country weather.

Here are a couple of pics from the Big Hole inhabitants. 

It was then on to Ennis, a great little fly fishing town on the banks of the Madison.  Great weather, views of the Madison Range and fishing on this famous river, " The 40 Mile Riffle".  Stone fly nymphs, streamers and big princes ruled these waters.  We are just going to miss the salmon and stone fly hatches that are soon to come.
Check out this bug Chris Conner found under a rock at lunch !

Really great times with Jim Morrison, Chris Conner and Mike Stack as well as Chris Knott.  Great guides and damn good friends.

Views were plentiful and here is a taste.

Last but not least the Green River below Flaming Gorge.  The canyon is something that every fly fisher should take in.  A great brown trout population with rainbows and cutbows.  Lots of dry fly action and fish on the dropper.  New guides who were great, but this same old river that produces 20-30 fish days.

Great times again with a great group of guys.  Thanks to Al May, The Maxeys, Bidells, Sparkmans and Herrings.  Father and son combos which was very cool.  Brian Robertson, Bill Hardin, Mark Haney, Tim Taylor, Mike Jones and Wayne Nail as well.

Just a blast in the High Country. 
Until 2011.

Cheers Everyone,


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