Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter Days on the Juan

I am a lot belated on posting this blog but I want to drive home one point immediately. You must fish the San Juan River in the Winter......WHY you ask?? Well just check the photo below.

Yes my friends, that is the Upper Flats. Can you count the number of people....YES THAT IS ONE! On the Tuesday of the trip, I was the ONLY PERSON IN THE C&R AREA.

How often does that happen. I had the entire upper river to myself and was busting those bows with Black bead wing emergers, eggs and leeches.
Worked down to the Upper Flats and made some tosses at the surfacing fish. As usual, the Griffiths Gnat was spot on.

Of course with a famous tailwater all to myself, I was all smiles. My favorite
fish of the trip, could not resist to smile back.

Yep that is Smilie and in the main channel he fought hard and long. A sweet 20 incher that was icing on the cake for a great trip.

Thanks to Chip, Aaron, Zim, Philthy, James and Debbie for some great company.
Oh yeah, the Bubster was there and thanks for taking me out on the boat and coming to dinner.
Until next time, go fish the Juan in the winter.

No one will be there.