Monday, August 18, 2008

Life IN the Fly Fishing Business

Well, it has been a while. Mixed in a couple of fishing trips: a road trip with my buds Spreadsheet and the TRT. Montana..yep the holy grail. By way of Colorado and Utah of course. 12 days 2200 miles. Great fish and a great time.

The subject of this blog is apparent in the title. Funny what live brings. Met a guide on the San Juan River 5 years ago. Name is Paul Freeman. Great guy, great guide and now a business partner. In June, Paul and I bought Aztec Anglers, a guide service on the San Juan River in NM where we met. Pretty cool, huh. Did not pay a fortune and we'll make our money back someday, but the fun we are having will hopefully be present in our customer's eyes and ears.

Especially the ears.

Paul and I want to express our sincere desire to make sure our clients have fun on the river we both love. The San Juan is a classic tailwater with great fishing. We want our clients to have as much fun on the Juan as Paul and I have had many times. I hope our enthusiam when you speak with us will be taken in earnest as we both love to talk about the San Juan. That is all I want to say about our philosophy and in my hopes that folks may check this blog, give us a call and come fish the Juan. We are doing business the right way.

Guides, where the rubber hits the road

The second trip I mentioned was recent. I went to the San Juan to meet our guides, lodging partners, friends and clients. What a blast. All of our guides are just super, both in rapport and results. Had the pleasure to fish with Brian and Chip and absolutely had a blast. Both great guys. Missed fishing with Aaron but that is because he was busy loading up our clients Steve and Bill from North Carolina with great top water and nymphing actions. Ants. Remember, trout LOVE Ants. This is not just marketing folks, it is the truth.

OK, enough business. Life IN the business. Enough said!