Monday, March 12, 2012

Skunked: Chrome Follow Up

I was told by a good friend that this fishing report was " Blog Material". 
Some of you have read it but here it goes !!

This is from Thursday March 1st.

Nestucca River 3  Merc 0 ----- 9 Innings

Well boys, I ask for the call up to the big leagues and am now headed 
back down to AAA ball.  Beautiful morning waking up to snow and freezing fog. 
We took our time getting to the river as the roads were dicey. 

When we got there it was absolutely beautiful.  Took many photos that I will 

Got to the first hole and my drifts were spot on.  No fish.  We were up pretty 
high and the run still has a month or so left.  In the second at bat,  I had my 
chance.  Indicator dove on a drift 40 yds or so below me.  Fish gone.  
Half dozen drifts later and Merc was in the water.... Not wading, literally.  
Soaked.  Off come waders to empty and in the truck to dry off.  Half hour later, 
I am back in the game.  Luckily packed extra socks.  

2-0 Nestucca.  

After lunch I had a primo run in front of me.  I told Chad to fish some and he 
was just down river of me.  We were using balloons as indicators since its big 
water and they are really buoyant.  Couple of roll casts in, my balloon pops.  
No biggie as I yell to Chad.  As I am reeling up the line sinks and catches a 
big boulder and deep to get to it.  No biggie I will just break off.  All good 
except the last section of my rod comes loose.  In one fell swoop, bye bye tip 
section rolling towards the pacific.  

3-0 Nestucca.  

Fish a couple more holes to no avail but all in all a great day on the river.  
The blank can be replaced and Chad and I laughed at the day.  

Final deductions:

If you are to wade a big river like this, you HAVE to have a switch rod, 
minimum.   You cannot roll cast far enough with the overhangs to hit the holes.  

I was undermanned and overwhelmed.  It's steelheading and I will be back. 
Next time with new weapons!!
Cheers and Good Fishing !

Monday, March 5, 2012


The trip I made to Alaska last summer was a memorable one.  It was my initial visit there and I will be back.  The fruits of that trip continue to pay off.  I met a great young guide up there from Oregon, Chad Lynch.  (Check him out at  Chad and I hit it off immediately at the airport and a fine young man he is.  He can yuck it up with the best and take my BS and dish it right back.  By the end of the week, Chad had told me I MUST come to Oregon to pop my Steelhead cherry.  For those of you who know me, you don't have to invite me up to fish a place like that twice.  So in November I booked my flights and waited till February.  A long wait it was...but was it ever worth it.

Chad guides mostly spin anglers but is a very good fly fisherman himself and welcomes the company of experienced fly anglers.  These fish take quality drifts and casting the amount of lead you have to cast is a workout with a 8 weight.  Yes, I have been back 4 days now and my back is still a little sore.  But I digress.

Steelhead are hard to catch.  There are no 20 fish days.  That is the nature of that game.  But with Chad's knowledge of these rivers, you can catch fish. BIG fish.  That is what happened to me as my 2nd fish of the trip was this 12 pounder.

For the trip, I landed 9 out of 12 fish from the boat.  The 8 weight got a big workout and I cannot wait to make this an annual trek.  Thanks for a great trip Chad, I will be back.  Here are a couple of more pics from the Siletz.

Check the blog over the next couple of days.  I had two great days on this river but I wanted the chance at a 20 lb fish.  Chad made that happen but it was not to be and what a day it was.  Like I will say in the next update, at least we got a good laugh.

Cheers and good fishing,