Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PM Up North

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie in the C&R for a PM trip.  I was supposed to mix in another trip the following day but I have been under the weather and we'll get to that some other time.  We had a perfect afternoon to fish and usually quitting fishing by 4pm to drive back to Texas, it is amazing what I am missing by that move.  It sure is great to be able to fish this river to dusk.  The last 2 hours are splendid, with long shadows, many tugs and wildlife on the move.

Things started a little slow on the day but with the sun and mid 50's temps but there were plenty of bugs on the water.  Midges, small baetis, even stillwater calliebatis were out, along with gnats and some small bugs really hard to name.

The fish were on the small stuff early and I mean size 20 small.  For the first time this year I really felt that the smaller size was the ticket.  The fish were on the emergers and as well all know, that is a tough depth for success.  With the clearer water, I was on 5X fluro and I really think that helped too.  Here was a nice one from mid-afternoon.

As the day progressed the river takes on a new glow.  Long casting shadows really enhance the normal beauty of this place.  At dusk, as Charlie were packing out, a huge Barn Owl flew across the river from us and observed from a safe distance.  Just the extra hint of darkness did not allow me a pic of this great bird, but I will not soon forget it as he checked our every move.  Really pretty place as the sun goes down.

At last light I decided to go back big and the fish responded to this offering.  The Spanker put the hurt on them as this was a nice broad shouldered bow that could not resist.

Those of you who take part in our winter passion from Texas must take advantage a couple of times a year to fish  the Blue at dusk.  A great dinner and night was had in Sulphur and for those of you looking for an overnight place to stay, please consider Charlie's Sulphur Springs Inn.  A great place to be and a great place to breathe, especially with good friends.

Cheers and good fishing everyone,


Monday, January 16, 2012

Fishing with Friends

Folks I have been remiss in posting over the last week or two.  The Blue River has allowed me many moments of solitude over the last few years.  I really love the area and its beauty.  It is also afforded me new friends.  As a matter of fact, these new friends really should be classified now as " old friends".

Barry and Charlie now fit this classification.  We do not get many chances for all 3 of us to fish together but over that last two weeks or so, we have had the chance to fish together twice.

The first trip was a trip to discuss the One Fly Tourney and hit the South Wilderness and this last week we explored the C&R.  I will say that we all have had more productive days in terms of numbers of fish caught, but to spend time on the river with these guys is just a pleasure.  We all enjoyed the fellowship and yucking it up in between tugs.  I forgot my camera this last week but the week before I was able to catch my " old " friends in action.

Enjoy !!