Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Day Late and Two Layers Short

Ever had one of those fishing days where you should have never gotten out of bed.  Late to bed, too much to drink the night before and you had all the gear you needed in your truck....but did not pack it.  And oh yeah   " The damn camera is in the back seat along with your clothes".  

Well the title of the post says it all.

Meeting my bud Eric Jackson at the C&R and I was committed.  Trust me, the headache from my sister's dinner party Saturday night was ever present and if I had not told Eric I would be there, this post would not exist.

Arrived at the corrals at 8.30 sharp.  Wished he was late so I could cat nap but damn Eric, you are too prompt.  No go on the nap.  We geared up and got the bikes ready for the ride in.  Did I tell you I forgot the camera??

I regress.  Ready to roll and I look at Eric.  My truck door is locked and keys in my donned backpack..        " Maybe I should get my vest and another layer".  Of course I don't.  A mistake for sure.

Scattered clouds turn to steady rain the C&R.  This was catching weather and the results did not disappoint. Did I tell you I forgot the camera ??.

And to the fish that took me into the backing, thanks very much!!  That was a sweet one and there were some more to follow as well.  Would have made a nice photo.

Did I tell you I forgot the camera ??

Steady rain and cold........I mean COLD!!! This reigned the day but Eric and I had a blast, although a chilly blast at that.

Sorry no pics.  Did I tell you I forgot the layers ?? They would have come in much more handy than the camera.  Until next time,

Cheers and " Fish ON"


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blue Plate Special

The Trout Season is Here!! That is for us trout river challenged folks here in Texas. This time of year is my favorite as the day trips to the Blue River in OK get  into full swing.

I met my buddy Ryan for the initial trip to the Blue this Friday for a little C&R action. I was really excited to see the river again in its glory with the word of higher flows and deeper pools from the rains. Man does the Blue look GREAT!! In one word...YES and she is as clear as I have ever seen her.

Folks that fish the C&R will be glad to see lots of water for the fish to spread out.  The fish now have some new holding areas in the side channels and it was really cool to see 17" holding for sight fishing opportunities. It is going to be a good season everyone.

Here is one of the pics that I took of one of the fighting bows.  Fish were taking pheasant tails, copper johns, olive boogers and midge larve.  With the overcast skies there were some size 16-18 Mayflies hatching but no fish looking up.  Keep adjusting that split shot and indicator to get the right depth and you will have a blast.

My day ended by meeting the Lady Blue Ambassador, Barry Schrader and Miss Carol.  Pleasure to meet you again Carol.  Barry and I had arranged a fly swap so we hooked up at 17.  He and I share the love for this area as it is a great place to work on line control and your nymphing  techniques.  Barry had quit for the day as I was a few minutes late.  He and Carol decided to watch me fish for a few and I was getting REAL nervous as drift after drift went by with no fish.  Finally with pressure mounting, I was able to land one of new inhabitants at the Blue and I had a sigh of relief.  Barry, thanks again for your work on the vise and tie on one of those "Shuka Khan's " as it is a great PM fly for emerging midge and mayflies. 

Everyone have a great season on the Blue.  I plan to!!

Cheers and good fishing,


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall at the San Juan October 09

Made another trip to my " home " river back in October. I have been VERY remiss in posting here on FFP blog. As you can see, I am a fall and winter fisherman primarily and as the golf season took from April till now, my blogging went to heck. I did a couple of trips this summer but with work and such, I have just not made the time to blog.

BT and the Camp Bitch met me at the Juan along with Kevin Haney, the CB's brother. Kevin is a great dude and it was cool to turn him on to our Juan trips full of fishing, great food and cocktails.

Fall on the Juan is one of my favorite times to be on the river. Cooler temps, crisp mornings and the potential Baetis hatch breakout. As you can see in the pic below we had golf weather for fishing so the hatch was not on and the catching was slow for San Juan standards.

Rusty(CB) loves to get in the boat and Chip made his boat available for us on Saturday of the trip. I had one 17" fish on a ULTRA SLOW take on the CDC Compardun and it will be a take I will not forget. Rusty got hot and Chip, well Chip always hooks fish. He could have had a couple on the "Toon" but forgot that " God save the Queen thing".

Chip and Aaron made dinner that night with us for drinks, tying bugs and the Killer tenderloin. And yes it was killer. Great marinade Bill.

Billy hooked some nice fish as usual with just a few tugs on the streamer this trip. With high skies and blue bird days, it was far from streamer weather but here is a piggy that was looking for a cheeseburger and pics from Bill and I in the Upper Flats.

All in all another great trip to the Juan. Although the fish were few on Sunday, good friend and guide Bubba Smith and his significantly better half, Deb, floated the Lower River. If you have not done this, it is a must. Absolutely beautiful water down there, it is a shame there are no regulations on this 11 mile float. The fishing down there can be extremely fickle but the times it is on, it is on top, all the time. Big hoppers and stimmy's do the trick down there so keep it in mind when you have time and need a change of pace from the Quality Waters. Be sure to hire someone who knows the take out because if you miss it, say hello to Blanco.

Take care everyone and good fishing.