Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Fork at her Finest

It was a well planned mid week escape.  A plan for for the C&R at the Blue.  A day trip that no one would notice.  Got the phone at the river to do a little biz and a LOT of fishing.  Funny how plans change.

Weather had did us in with a murky moody Blue.  My buddy Eric and I needed a fix.  Yes a mid week fix.  No one twisted anybody's arm.  We headed for the Lower Mountain Fork.

My arm felt fine.  It was ready for casting.  Boy did my arm get a workout from setting the hook..

Yes everyone, tugs were ever present and they were numerous.  Here was a hungry one waiting for Eric's nymph.

We had found a nice run there in the Bluffs and the foam wing emerger I tied up was the ticket.  Olive and Gray, did not matter.  Pheasant Tail? Yes.   Hare's Ear?  Yes.   Hit the foam lines or soft current and the indicator dived.


After a delish Junction Burger we hit the Spillway.  Not as silly as the morning but still more fish caught.  Eric and I had landed at least 40 with another dozen or so lost.  One big " HEN "  that I am sure Eric has had dreams about just averted the net.  That one was sweet but the best thing about it, she is still in there.  Just on the other side of the river.  

Here is a pic of the Bluffs with Icicles.  Very pretty.  A cold day with HOT fishing.  This was the FORK at her finest.

Cheers and good fishing everyone,
See ya at the One Fly,