Sunday, April 20, 2008

Texas Beauty

When the Lord blessed North Texas with an abundance of water, there is a little secret place that can really make a weekend morning. That would be the Paluxy River outside and through Glen Rose Texas. Abundant native Bluegill, Bream, Yellow Perch, Black and Native Spotted Bass and Gar can really make for some exciting top water action. Wooley Boogers drifted and stripped can also produce fun results.

It has been two years since I fished the Paluxy. Two years ago, we had heavy early spring rains and the river was blown out. Last year, we had virtually no rain from October until May and the river ran dry. This year I figured we had just the right amount of rain and the river would be nice and clear and boy it was.

Today was a blast starting early with boggers with little luck. Time to tie on Miss Prissy and the results were impressive. Hooked at least 25 Bluegill(see FFP photo) Perch and Bream. I mixed in about 4 or 5 spotted bass until I got the Splash and Tug I will remember.

A 16 inch 2 lb Spotted Bass made my day hammering the popper. Went to the reel quickly and the fight was on. My biggest bass to date on a fly rod and a morning I will remember. If you have a chance to hit this gem and can find the right holes, this is a river to embrace.